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    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Dancing With God

    When I meditated on the word Guidance,

    I kept seeing "dance" at the end of the word.

    I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing.

    When two people try to lead, nothing feels right.

    The movement doesn't flow with the music,

    and everything is quite uncomfortable and jerky.

    When one person realizes that, and lets the other lead,

    both bodies begin to flow with the music.

    One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back

    or by pressing Lightly in one direction or another.

    It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully.

    The dance takes surrender, willingness,

    and attentiveness from one person

    and gentle guidance and skill from the other.

    My eyes drew back to the word Guidance.

    When I saw "G": I thought of God, followed by "u" and "i".

    "God, "u" and "i" dance."

    God, you, and I dance.

    As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust

    that I would get guidance about my life.

    Once again, I became willing to let God lead.

    My prayer for you today is that God's blessings

    and mercies are upon you on this day and everyday.

    May you abide in God, as God abides in you.

    Dance together with God, trusting God to lead

    and to guide you through each season of your life.

    This prayer is powerful and there is nothing attached.

    If God has done anything for you in your life,

    please share this message with someone else.

    There is no cost but a lot of rewards;

    so let's continue to pray for one another.

    And I Hope You Dance !


    Tuesday, February 26, 2008
    All About Kids' Learning and Playing
    I got this wonderful article from one of my egroups, about how children play and another article on the advantage of your child being a bit more "matured" than the others in his class, and it gave me peace as to having Franco start the long journey of schooling this year, instead of last year - when most of his batchmates started. if it was my choice, i would have "forced" him to attend schooling last year, probably because of pressure from friends whose kids - about franco's age - were already attending a-5-day-a-week schooling.

    Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

    Taking Play Seriously

    When Should a Kid Start Kindergarten

    They're quite long reads (i haven't read them all yet, as of writing), but I'm sure if you're on the same boat that I am, you'd find this very interesting. Enjoy!

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    ... na ako! heheheh...

    i suddenly had the urge to have a haircut yesterday... and it had to be yesterday! so, without any appointment and without knowing that most of the salons here are closed on mondays, i went out to the nearest salons and three of which were closed! so i went across the road to the commercial centre and had my hair done there... the boys were with me, by the way! so it wasn't a very relaxing visit, good thing the hairdresser was accommodating and it was when we were finishing up that simon got a bit cranky and it was because he was already sleepy - and he doesn't just go to sleep when sleepy while out of the house. what did the trick were the gummy candies, cereals and smarties... kept them busy for a good hour! i also packed a bag of toys... anything to get that haircut i couldn't wait to have done.

    i was tempted to get the katie holmes 'do, but i chickened-out! i don't think i can maintain the bangs and i thought i'd look trying hard and pa-cute! so, i got this instead...
    bagay ba?
    ... and hubby said he's got a new wife, because i haven't had above the shoulder hair since 1999, i think!

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    Monday, February 25, 2008
    four times four meme

    thanks madame Haydee, for tagging me, this is very interesting! made me thinking! hehhehe :)

    4 Jobs I've Had (the last four ones)
    been an accountant all my life (except for those part-time and summer jobs during college), maybe i'll just state the positions I've held :)
    - Financial Planning Analyst, Aristocrat Technologies, Australia
    - Business Analyst, Nokia Australia
    - Business Analyst, Nokia Philippines
    - AP Accountant, Caltex Shared Services Center, Philippines

    4 Movies Watched Over and Over

    - My Best Friend's Wedding
    - The Wedding Singer
    - Pirates of the Carribean
    - Cars (courtesy of my eldest son)

    4 Shows I watch ( right now... )
    - CSI
    - Grey's Anatomy
    - Dr. House, M.D.
    - American Idol

    4 Favorite Things To Eat
    - Caldereta
    - Lechon Paksiw
    - Pandan Chicken
    - Penang Beef

    4 Places I Would Rather Be (i should say i'd like to visit, because i'm happy to be here or basically anywhere for as long as i'm with the kids and hubby - can't agree more with Haydee!)
    - Maldives
    - Palawan
    - Paris (again)
    - Rome

    4 Things I Look Forward To This Year
    - learning to play the piano
    - Franco's going to the local school
    - an overseas trip (visit the U.S., hopefully!)
    - spring and summer! :)

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    we will soon embark in a new challenge.


    will be replaced by this...

    while this...

    will have to give way to this...

    wish us luck!!!

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    Friday, February 22, 2008
    winter fashion sale :p
    this posting is quite late, but anyway... we got back from our pinas holiday just in time for what's left of the winter sale season here. so here are some of the goodies i got for the boys... and mind you, kuya franco insisted on taking his picture :)

    this set i got from a store that had a buy 1-take-5 promo ... the little one doesn't seem to care of what's happening, he is just too busy with his truck!
    while these ski suits i got 50% off...

    ... but i'm not quite sure if the boys will still fit in those suits next season. oh, well! at least i'm happy with the bargains i got!

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    when in europe...
    ... you cannot NOT travel to neighboring countries, especially in our case, we live in central europe, you can literally just wake up and suddenly decide to drive to france, germany, italy or austria or just go online and get the best deal airfare on offer --- that is, if all your papers are all in place! :) which reminds me, we need to renew our schengen visa and submit it by monday so we can join the easter holiday rush.

    now the question is, now where do we go? we've been to paris last year and did a lot of sight-seeing and went to disneyland for the kids. we checked-in in one of the not-so-expensive hotels i could find online. we had a grand time and are planning to go back soon, and when we do, i know just the place to find great deals on a paris accommodation. the site offers accommodation from as low EUR40/night! now, that's a really great deal comparing from our last trip there. we will definitely see paris by night, go to those signature shops, enjoy people watching in one of their streetside cafes and hopefully, if the little boys will be well behaved enough, we can actually go in the museums.

    but paris will have to wait... for now, on our list is brussels, in belguim. yes, for those yummy chocolates, and it is an intruiging city, i heard. with it's wonderfully preserved architecture serving as a spectacular backdrop to the bustle, color and humor of the bustling city. i bet having breakfast from an al-fresco cafe will be quite interesting, indeed! and we can probably go to those sunday markets and pick-up a bargain and perhaps just walk seedy but charismatic Marolles of the South and see that famous statue of the young boy. i'm sure the city is very promising so, after more research, we'd definitely make it worth the trip.

    next on the wishlist is berlin, germany. a city definitely rich in history! i'm sure the entire city has a lot to offer wide-eyed tourists like me, from museums, monuments, plaza's, old churches and even a zoo and aquarium for the little ones' interest. sound like a fun place to be for a family trip. we will definitely visit what's left of the berlin wall, the symbol of the Cold War- a symbol of a divided city, a divided nation, a divided Europe and a divided world.

    it will also be a great time to visit amsterdam, in netherlands. i'm no green thumb but i'd love to see colorful flowers in spring and those intriguing, unexpected places of interest (*wink* - not for kids, though!). i wonder if there'll be windmills around? :p

    and lastly, going a bit further, we'd like to visit london, hubby's got relatives there so they'll be our tourist guide there! can't wait to pose with those royal guards who don't smile, big ben, the london eye, and of course, their famous bridge!

    ahh... the joys of travelling! and the best part is cheaper than hotels offers great last minute and whole year round deals on accommodation! so what are we waiting for? let's pack up our things, it's time to go! :)

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    Thursday, February 21, 2008
    let's get smorty
    how does "blog for money" sound to you? tempting isn't it? :) well, i have yet to see the $$$, but based on feedbacks and friends' reports they've already seen their share... so why not spread the word, eh?! :)

    i just joined and got approved by Smorty, one of the many blog advertising services on the net. and how does it work? well, Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. you use your own words, own style and wait... until your entry gets approved on your blog advertising entry, that simple! and no fees involved, except they one they pay to you! :) i see a win-win situation there!

    so check it out by clicking here, quite exciting, really! :) it would be worth a shot. since blogging has been quite a trend since a few years back, being paid for blogging makes being a SAHM a bit more exciting and keeps let's me be more creative and inquisitive, as well! so, bloggers in the neighborhood, press that power button and go on clicking... you'll never know! this looks like a start of something great! :)
    Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


    online shopping carts

    i've been bitten by the online shopping bug! just this month, i've placed three online orders from three different shops! i find it just so convenient, although a bit tricky at times... just this last order i received, i need to return two items since they did not exactly match the items i ordered and finalized from my shopping cart. i find shopping carts - technically called an ecommerce software, really user friendly and very useful. you'll get to double check and review your orders before you finalize them, and just put anything you fancy in the cart, take out items you don't really feel like buying before you "check-out".

    i haven't an online shop yet, but when i do, i would be needing a shopping cart for my customers to use. and i have just found a great company for that ecommerce software need - Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. so, shop-owners and those planning to open online shops, check-out their 10-day free trial, it might just be the best ecommerce software solution for your online business. :)


    trying blogging for cash

    this has just been approved by smorty and blogsvertise. so, i am now awaiting my "tasks" to start the ball rolling. so, it's going to be busy, busy, busy! my next post will be my first task, so keep watching! :)


    Wednesday, February 20, 2008
    food for the gods
    as requested by Francine , who asked for the recipe from my christmas goodies post, here's a food for the god's recipe i gave away last christmas. and do feel free to make a bit of tweaking to suit your taste... it gets better! :) enjoy!

    2.5 cups pitted dates
    2.0 cups walnuts
    3 tsp baking powder (Aunt Marys' yellow)
    1 tsp bicarbonate soda
    2 cups Plain flour
    4 Eggs (800 grams) OR 5 (600 grams) small eggs
    1 unsalted butter. 250 grams
    1.5 cups water
    1 3/4 sugar caster

    1. Cut pitted dates into half to make up the 2.5 cups
    2. Cut walnuts to make up the 2 cups
    3. boil pitted dates into a low fire, add 1.5 cups of water, stop mo pag kumukulu na.
    4. After kulo, add bicarbonate. Set aside
    5. Strain the flour, then add the baking powder. Set Aside.
    6. Pre heat ur oven, 160 deg Fan Forced oven or 180 deg for conventional oven
    6. Mix butter and sugar using a mixer, then add egg one by one. Stop ka pag naging light and fluffy na yun mix mo..
    7. Then mix all together. (butter, sugar, egg) (Boiled pitted dates) (Walnuts) (flour)
    8. Do not overmix it. Then put it into a baking tin.
    9. Oven for 30 mins, do not open your oven within this 30 mins.
    10. After 30 mins, check mo using a bbq stick kung may dumidikit sa stick, pag wala na ok na yan, pero pag meron pang dumidikit sa stick mo, another 5-10 mins pa..

    This measurement is for one rectangular baking tin.

    happy baking

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    Monday, February 18, 2008
    valentine's day
    although we've agreed not to celebrate valentine's day, hubby said he feels "bad" about not having to... so, even without the flowers (he said, he tried! and i was hoping he would! :p), we sort-of celebrated the day by having chinese dinner - take-away... not bad at all!

    ... also, i received this clip i wanted to share, very funny.... but not really! :p

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    Monday, February 11, 2008
    francis' birthday

    a sort-of last minute decision birthday party... thanks to the el bimbo for the photos since we were just really busy to think about taking photos during that day!

    to a dear husband and father, francis, happy, happy birthday! we love you so much!

    hoping you enjoyed your kare-kare, roast chicken, palabok, bbq spare ribs, veggies and prawns, buco pandan, leche flan and of course the cake (buti nagkasya pa lahat ng candles! hehehe) ... i didn't realize how tired i was with all the preparation until i was able to have dessert and sit down! the effort was all worth it! :)

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    Tuesday, February 5, 2008
    How to Stay Young n Happy Always :-)

    How to Stay Young n Happy Always :-)

    1. Throw out nonessential numbers.
    This includes age, weight, and height.

    Let the doctors worry about them.. That is why you pay them.

    2. Keep only cheerful friends.
    The grouches pull you down.

    (Keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches!)

    3. Keep learning:

    Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever.
    Never let the brain get idle.
    'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.'
    And the devil's name is Alzheimer's!

    4. Enjoy the simple things in life

    5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

    And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with him or her!

    6. The tears happen:

    Endure, grieve, and move on.
    The only person who is with us our entire life, is our self.
    LIVE while you are alive.

    7 Surround yourself with what you love:

    Whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever.
    Your home is your refuge.

    8. Cherish your health:

    If it is good, preserve it.
    If it is unstable, improve it.
    If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

    9. Don't take guilt trips.
    Take a trip to the mall, even to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is

    10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.

    And if you don't send this to at least four people - who cares?

    But do share this with someone you care about.

    7 Signs that your child loves you
    It's been soooo long since my last entry, have lots to blog about, really but I guess the mood is just not set. So, for now, here's a little something I got from Babycenter.

    Signs that your child loves you

    1. Your newborn stares into your eyes — he's actually working hard to memorize your face. He doesn't understand anything else about the world, but he knows you're important.
    2. Your baby thinks about you even when you're not around. Between 8 and 12 months old, he'll start to scrunch his face and look around when you leave the room — and he'll smile when you return.
    3. Your toddler throws wicked tantrums. Nope, those screaming fits don't mean he's stopped loving you. He wouldn't be so hurt and angry if he didn't trust you so deeply.
    4. Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad. Kids this age may not truly understand the meaning of "I love you," but their actions speak louder than words.
    5. Your preschooler gives you a flower picked from the garden, a finger-painted heart, a sparkly rock, or another gift.
    6. Your preschooler wants your approval. He'll start to be more cooperative around the house, and he'll look for chances to impress. "Look at me!" will become a catchphrase.
    7. Your grade-schooler trusts you with secrets, like his first crush or his most embarrassing moment. You're his confidante, even if he shies away from your hugs in public.

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