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    Thursday, November 30, 2006
    my baby's angel
    i do believe that i know one of my simon's angels... because it's my late dad, noe tupas.

    and why do i believe so? here are some "coincidences":
    my dad was born on january 8, 1942 and came back to our creator over a year ago, on august 6, 2005. a month after that, i got pregnant and our little one is due on june 8, 2006, and indeed, he was born on that day. they were both born on the 8th of the month that starts with a J. so, that makes the dates relative... 08/01/1942, 06/08/2005, 08/06/2006. hmm...

    a bit shallow, i know and i'm not really an avid fan of numbers or signs, but i think these are "hints" from up above - assuring me that my dad is always here with us, watching over us. coincidence or not, there is happiness in my heart believing it. at least i know that my son even though they never met in the physical state knows my dad and that he is always here with us.

    when i told this to hubby, he said, if reincarnation was true, then, i'm paying back my dad now on the sleep deprivation i awarded them when i was still a baby... SA still is waking us up in the middle of the night :p

    well, bottom line is, i just really miss my dad!

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    Monday, November 20, 2006
    new housewives choose not to have it all

    i got this article from one of my swiss e-groups... my exact sentiments! maybe i should get that book! :) read on...

    November 16, 2006 - 1:49 PM

    New housewives choose not to have it all

    Hard work, but someone has to do it
    Hard work, but someone has to do it (Keystone)

    Related stories

    A growing number of Swiss women are said to be turning their backs on successful careers to devote themselves to home and family. The "new housewife" phenomenon has been well documented by the Swiss media since the publication in September of "Das Eva Prinzip" (The Eve Principle) by German TV presenter Eva Herman, in which the author puts her case for stay-at-home mothers. The new housewife is defined as typically a well-educated woman, who gives up her career – temporarily or permanently – to be a full-time mother. The new aspect is the fact that this is a conscious choice, and not something dictated by tradition.

    Herman argues that instead of trying to do everything - and exhausting themselves in the process - mothers should focus on spending time with their children. And this means staying at home.

    Herman's views have found some echo in Switzerland, where writer Marianne Siegenthaler has just published her own book – "Housewife – the best job in the world" - extolling the virtues of the job of homemaker.

    "Housewives have a very bad image and I'm trying to improve it a bit," Siegenthaler told swissinfo, while admitting that the book's title was deliberately provocative.

    "I'm not saying women should get back to the kitchen, as Eva Herman does, but that they should have a choice," said the mother and freelance journalist. "And if they decide to stay at home they should make the most of it."

    Motherhood and apple pie

    Mother of three Alexa Tschan sees many positives in a full-time domestic role. A thirty-something who gave up a promising legal career when she had her first child, Tschan is a perfect example of the new housewife.

    "Being your own boss is very nice. I can organise my day the way I want. I feel quite free and I don't have any regrets," she told swissinfo.

    Despite this, Tschan is quick to point out that the life of a full-time housewife is not all motherhood and apple pie. And then there's the lack of social recognition, not to mention money...

    Markus Theunert, president of the Swiss forum for men and emancipation, makes the valid observation that women can only choose to stay at home if their (normally male) partners bring home the bacon. Speaking to swissinfo he said that through their books, Herman and Siegenthaler seemed to be trying to "reconstruct old stereotypes" of men and women.

    "If you have a housewife at home, you need a breadwinner out at work, and this is the [stereotypical] male role," he commented.

    Glass ceiling

    While she talks up the job of "domestic manager", Siegenthaler admits that household chores - particularly cleaning - don't hold much allure. But she says more and more women are choosing to stay at home and wash the floors rather than bump their heads off the corporate glass ceiling.

    Because of the difficulty of combining a career with raising children in Switzerland, many women prefer to work part-time. But part-time working delays their progress up the career ladder.

    "I think many women are experiencing a disillusionment with the idea that they should be able to juggle everything – child, career, home. They realise it just doesn't work," she said.

    "They'll reach a point where they say: 'this is too much. I am not progressing in my career.' And at that point maybe they'll decide to put home first."

    Once they've made the decision, they can look forward to organising their own time, without the pressure of dealing with difficult colleagues or a demanding boss. Some compensation for the lack of a pay packet every month.

    swissinfo, Morven McLean


    • From the women and equality atlas of Switzerland (statistics for 2000):
    • In 37% of families with children aged up to 7 the man works full-time and the woman does no work outside the home (traditional middle class model).
    • In just under 37% of families the man works full-time and the woman works part time (modern middle class model).
    • In 12% of families both the man and woman work full time (egalitarian work model).
    • In 3.5% of families both partners work part-time (egalitarian family model).


    Monday, November 13, 2006
    what are they up to now?

    time does fly very quickly. my two boys are growing up fast. and what are they up to these days? from the million things they've been doing everyday, here's a short list:

    - graduated from KFC yesterday! :)
    - declared himself officially potty trained, the other night, he took off his nappy before going to bed and came morning, he was all dry and first thing he did when he woke up was go straight to the toilet
    - will start in the garderie very soon, 2x a week for half day each (in a french-speaking garderie, at that! oh no! :p)
    - now knows his friends by names... he didn't quite catch up with names until about 4 months ago
    - like his dad, is now playing xbox. his game? need for speed, he just loves cars
    - calls his dad in the office to ask permission to play xbox and ask for cars
    - know his alphabet, numbers (0-9) and colors
    - eats veggies... but i have to conceal it under his rice, but i think he doesn't mind the taste
    - gets his own milk from the fridge, i just need to make sure it's ready for him. this saves me time to get up and get it for him (independent na!)
    - calls mommy beautiful (said boo-tiful, french daw! :p)
    - is very protective of his baby brother, sometimes he doesn't want other kids touching him. but that's just sometimes :)
    - knows mom & dad's first names now

    5-month old SA:
    - turned from back to front once and vice versa once each (di pa naulit!)
    - growing some more hair now! :p
    - grabs everything
    - puts everything he grabs straight to his mouth
    - laughs a lot, it just melts our heart
    - babbles a lot now, gets embarassingly cute in church during the mass
    - tries to stand on his feet when held
    - index-finger sucks, not the thumb!

    the two guys will be having their vaccination on wednesday, hopefully they'll be brave enough to face the needle again...

    i tend to measure time by their accomplishments - how taller they've become, how much weight they gained, their growing vocabulary, the first milestones in their lives... among others... it makes my everyday living worthwhile and the stay-at-home mom experience sweeter.


    Tuesday, November 7, 2006
    my hectic day
    tuesday is the most hectic weekday for me.

    it's the day i do the laundry - in switzerland, it is common that apartments have shared laundry area, usually coin or cash-card operated. so if i have enough credit in my card, i would do the laundry from 9am up to 4pm. that's about 4 batches of laundry and drying at one hour per laundry and drying. my normal schedule is 6am-2pm, which i obviously cannot commit to as it is too early for me... good thing our pinoy neighbor allows me to use his time slot, since he goes home from work at around 6pm. you see, life here revolves around laundry... unless you get your own which can be quite expensive! :p

    preparing lunch is more challenging this day of the week, since i need to juggle minding 2 boys, keeping track of time for the laundry and preparing lunch. so, we usually have just leftovers or dishes that are quite easy to prepare and cook... today, i didn't know what to prepare so i just made fried rice w/ taba ng talangka and lumpiang shanghai (the lumpia was prepared long before... frozen and thawed) :) yummy!

    and finally, it's also a "school night" for me, today is a bit more demanding since we have an exam later! i wonder if an hour's review will be fine? good luck to me!

    i may also run errands during the day, not much of a challenge since we live just above the shopping centre.

    so, that's how hectic tuesday is... but i was still able to slip in a post in my blog! :) how about you? when is your hectic day and what's like?


    Thursday, November 2, 2006
    learning french
    i've been attending french language classes 2 nights a week, 90 minutes per class for 12 weeks. i'm in the beginner class and we're on our 8th week already. it gets really frustrating when some of my classmates already "understand" what our professeur is saying... she speaks 99.9% french in class! but i think i'm now beginning to be familiar with the language. after all, i'm just a debutante and not much is expected.

    so... if 2 phrasebooks, 2 dictionaries, 3 sets of audio cd's and 1 pc learning software can't help me in learning the language, i don't know what else can! :p

    God help me, please! :)

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