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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    je ne comprends pas le français
    je suis philippin, je ne comprends pas le français, je ne parle pas français. pardon.

    living in a country where the official language is not english is very challenging.

    of course some of the locals know how to speak english, but majority don't. but what's good is that most of the commercial establishments have personnel that speak english. good thing with groceries & supermarket, they have the same symbols for numbers, so i just need to look at the tab to see how much i need to pay, otherwise, i'd really go insane! and then i'd just say "merci" and "au revoir!" and that's it!

    we still have not started learning french yet, so it makes it really difficult. i'm a bit lazy knowing that in a couple of month's time i'll be busy with the new baby. but i really have to inquire on the french lessons, soon!
    Tuesday, March 21, 2006
    Mummy tag
    Thanks, Mickee for tagging moi! :) Was thinking of postponing my answers until the new one arrives... but then again, i might just not have the luxury of time, so here are my A's from my first:

    How did you feel during those first few days after the birth?
    ==> Very tired, but my little boy wasn't such a fussy baby. I guess he was cooperating because he knew it was just the two of us when his dad goes to the office and after the midwife leaves. I was a bit panicky because there was no immediate family I can really turn to if something goes wrong. I didn't have "me" time at all!

    How were you emotionally?
    ==> There were probably times when I feel like crying because of exhaustion. I was sensitive and kept calling hubby at work, always wanting him to come home early, which he did. He was very supportive, I guess that's why I can't seem to remember most of the hardships :)

    Is there anything you wish people had told you about the postpartum period?
    ==> That

    How long do you plan to breastfeed?
    ==> I breastfed for 7 months, when we went on a holiday for 3 weeks in Manila, I wasn't consistent in breastfeeding so my milk supply probably got confused. When we got back to Australia, my milk supply lessened and I went back to work around that time so I had to mix feed him with formula.

    Do you have any advice for getting through those first weeks of breastfeeding?
    ==> Be very patient and persistent. If you want to establish your milk supply, try to make the baby latch as often as possible, for practice na din. It can be very frustrating, indeed, but the experience, when you've already becom successful and very good at it is truly rewarding.

    Was there any stress between you and your husband over the baby?
    ==> Yes there was. There were times when I get sensitive when he falls asleep early, I had dramas that he was not helping me out, but I should understand that he is tired from work as well. It's more because of exhaustion and frustration, I guess.

    Let's talk about your body, Did things get totally rearranged?
    ==> Not really. But I guess it's not easy going back to your teenage/single figure. But I'm quite ok with my body, considering I've gone thru giving birth. :)

    Care to share how much you weighed before and how much now?
    ==> I think I was around 100-105 lbs before getting pregnant. Before my 2nd prenancy, I think I got up to 110 lbs. Now, I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant at 140 lbs, but I don't really feel big.

    What advice-or comfort-can you offer other new moms about their weight ?
    ==> It sometimes takes time, before you know it, you'll be back in shape.

    How important is it for you to have a work identity?
    ==> Not that important for me, I guess. Hubby is more concerned about it, because he feels that I might get too bored being a stay-at-home-mom. I am one right now and I think I am enjoying it, of course there are times when you get bored, but so far, I can handle it.

    Was your baby a lot of fun right from the start?
    ==> It wasn't a bed of roses, but it wasn't much of a nightmare for me. Actually, I can barely remember the hardships of having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and night.

    What's your baby like now?
    ==> He's now 2-1/2 yrs old, runs, walks, talks, says I love you, hugs and embraces us, and so much fun.... and tiring! :)

    I'd love to hear from Ana, Maan, Therese, Jigi and Mich on this one. :)
    Monday, March 20, 2006
    little snow boy

    my brave little boy, in his snow attire! :) i wonder when we can start him with skiing? :)

    we went up to les paccots last weekend, a 15 minute drive from vevey and stayed there for about an hour. our legs are all aching, but it was fun! :)
    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    ready, sing! :)
    here are some of the songs my little franco sings, the way he sings it:

    the itsy-bitsy spider, up the water spout
    up, up the rain and washy spider out
    up, up the sun and drying all the rain
    and the itsy-bitsy spider, up the spout again

    twinkle, twinkle, little star
    how we wonder what you are
    up ababa world so high
    like a diaper in the sky
    twinkle, twinkle, little star
    how we wonder what you are

    blah-blah, blap sheep how you any wool,
    yes sir, yes sir, three box food

    (hanggang dito lang alam nya eh :))

    roun-roun a rosy, pocket full of posie
    a tissue, a tissue, falling down!

    mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
    mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
    mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb

    (walang katapusan na ito!)

    london bridge is faling down
    london bridge is faling down, is falling down
    london bridge is faling down, falling down, falling down
    london bridge is faling down, falling down, falling down

    (walang ring katapusan na ito, until i prompt:)
    my fair... lady

    a, b, c, d, e, f, g,
    h, i, k, k, l, m, m, o....
    q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y and z

    now i know my a, b, c,
    nest time won't you sing with me!

    madami na rin, no? :)
    my doll
    woke up at 2am, couldn't sleep so i just decided to turn on the computer and try to catch my sleep again. doing so, i decided to do this project. what do you think? :)
    elouai's doll maker 3
    Friday, March 10, 2006
    the result
    finally got thru the glucose test today, and the doctor said everything was within the limits and that i can eat anything i want. praise God!

    the procedure requires me to go on fasting for 12 hrs, so no breakfast for me, my appointment was at 8:30. then when in the clinic, they took some blood and let me drink i think 500ml of very sweet liquid, then i had to wait an hour and they'll take some more blood, and another hour and some more blood and another hour for the last blood sample. i brought a book (natural birth the bradley way) and read it while in the waiting room. i finished 5 chapters of the book throughout the waiting time. i was not allowed to walk while waiting for the next blood extraction, maybe because i'll be burning some of the sugar and the test won't be accurate. at around 12nn, the doctor called me in and said that the results are ok, and that i can eat anything i want. chocolates and ice cream, especially! :)

    we are very thankful that the test went ok, otherwise, i can't imagine how i'll handle maintaining a regulated diet, moreso if i need to take insulin :(. i've read and heard stories about gestational diabetes and i know it is not easy. i salute those women who got thru their pregnancy well and good inspite of GD. you are truly admirable!

    having to undergo the same test in both pregnancy does not make me confident at all! makes me more nervous that the next (wow!) pregnancy might be an exception... hoping for the best!
    Thursday, March 9, 2006
    oh, sweet switzerland!
    why does it have to be that chocolate and ice cream taste heavenly in switzerland???

    i just had my sugar level test yesterday, maximum acceptable level is at 7.5, i was at 7.6 so they have to make me undergo a more intensive test. and that's going to be tomorrow, friday. i am supposed to be in the clinic at 8:30am, no breakfast should be taken and they will be making me take more sugar and take out blood every hour for 3 hours. i had this test with my first pregnancy as well and thank god it turned out i didn't have gestational diabetes. like before, i am nervous about the test. praying that the results will be ok, nobody wants a complicated pregnancy! and especially, that would mean i have to stay away from all the yummy chocolates and ice cream that's all over the place!

    please pray for us!
    little brother
    it's baby boy #2 for us! :)

    we were actually told "it looks like another boy" in my 18th week ultrasound, but seems like we were still hoping that it would be a girl. not that we don't want a boy, but it would be nice to have one of each one after the other. i had my next ultrasound in my 22nd week, and now, that pointy little thingy is more prevalent... no denying it now! and this week, my 26th, the procedural ultrasound was done again. the doctor was already in that area of responsibility before he asked us if we knew the gender and if we wanted to know (it's my first OB visit here in suisse and was really impressed by how the doctor looks at everything. they have ultrasound AND blood tests every visit!), and we said we did, so there again, he confirmed. it is indeed a BOY! :)

    hubby really wanted a boy, he said he can't seem to imagine how it would be to treat/take care of a girl. and that's his only reason. he said he thinks he won't be having too much adjustments if it's a boy. so, looks like an answered prayer! :)

    i guess, boys really run in MY family... and you can say that literally, as well! :) my two elder sisters have two boys each, as well. so i guess, i was expected to follow suit. :) now we're in the name game, still haven't decided on anything but i am attracted to the name Simon... we might keep it, but we want a second name, or it can be a second name. we still need to do some more research. maybe something frenchy, to integrate with the community... say Jean? hmm... we still have (hopefully he doesn't come out too early!) three months to think about it.
    Monday, March 6, 2006
    Tagged again! :)
    i've been tagged by mareng ana!

    mare, ito muna unahin kong i-post. salamat! :)

    4 Jobs I've Had In My Life
    - Disbursements Accountant
    - Financial Accountant
    - Business Analyst
    - Financial Planning Analyst

    4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over
    - My Bestfriend's Wedding
    - The Wedding Singer
    - Just Like Heaven
    - Harry Potter na lang sa fiction :)

    4 Places I've Lived
    - Malate, Manila
    - Sydney, Australia
    - currently in Vevey, Switzerland
    - saan kaya next? :)

    4 TV Shows I Love To Watch
    - Charmed
    - Grey's Anatomy & House
    - Desperate HOusewives
    - Dati yung mga Idol (American, Australian) shows, kaso wala na dito nyan ngayon :(

    4 Websites I Visit Daily

    4 Of My Favorite Foods
    - swiss chocolates and biscuits! sarap pala talaga! :)
    - sweets pa din! brownies, leche flan, buco pandan
    - mangang hinog (pinoy!)
    - prawns, salmon, lobster, seafood!

    4 Places I've Been On Vacation
    - Boracay
    - Palawan
    - Singapore
    - Australia: Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, Melbourne

    4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
    - none really, basta alam ko na hubby will be home for lunch, Franco is with me right now, our new addition is coming soon and my loved ones, family and friends are all healthy and happy.

    4 People I Wanna Tag
    - Ralline
    - Mich
    - Jess
    - Maan
    Thursday, March 2, 2006
    back online
    last i was on the net was 03.02.06, day before we were packing our things for our move to switzerland. and now i'm back! hopefully i'll get to be on the track again, soon! only got the internet connection at home yesterday and i've so many emails to read. need to update my contacts, as well.

    it snowed yesterday and today. first snowfall of my life! exciting! we had to go out to check a flat we were to move into. hopefully we'll decide on one soon. our shipment arrives end of this month and then there's the customs clearing. so we're looking at mid april for the actual transfer. some things they have here in switzerland are the piped heating, parking at an additional monthly rental, they call a 3-bedroom apartment a 4-room flat because they count the living room as a room as well, they rarely have built-in robes in the bedrooms, just in the living room for coats to hang on, looks like they allow smoking everywhere (not a good practice, but hubby's office is now a non-smoking work place, so hopefully it's a start!), you do laundry once a week on an assigned day, malls and almost all other establishments close on sundays and most importantly, it is very expensive here!... those are the things i can think of right now. i will take note of other things and post it here. for now, i need to go out and do a little shopping :)

    i missed blogging!